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The complete Google Business Profile, listings, and search directories platform.

Everything you need to win online and turn searches into sales.

For 7 Eleven Partners and Franchisees.

Locl Directory Sync

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Locl product with local SEO dashboard and analytics

Accurate and consistent business listings across top search directories.

Locl automatically enrolls, updates, and synchronizes your business listings across the top 50+ consumer search directories, ensuring that they are visible, consistent, and accurate for your potential customers. How it works:

  1. Select location(s) to enroll
  2. Confirm or correct listing details
  3. Listing detail updates sync automatically for 12 months
  4. Cost: One-time low cost of $99.00 per location
Directory Sync

Outperform Your Competition.

Use the Locl Score Scan Widget below to do all the above, as quick, one-time purchase, low-price solution. Select which locations to sync. No subscription required.

Locl Premium

Everything You Need, Only What You Need.

Locl provides a clean data-driven experience that starts with direction & education, the tools that scale time & effort. It makes performance/ROI easy to understand and share. Additional direction on what to do next creates the system for wins at scale.


Understand visitor and customer behavior.

Locl provides listing metrics and insights that directly correlate to revenue, hotel occupancy, and in-market credit card spend — equipping you to make data-driven business decisions.

Get Connected and Running in Just a Few Minutes.

Start utilizing Locl’s performance and time-savings features in just a few minutes. Connect additional accounts and unlock advanced features at any time.

Everything you need to win online and turn
searches into sales.


Make the most of your top sources of leads & customers.

Timely To-Dos & Guidance

Not an expert? Locl tells you what to do when, for the best performance.

For 1 or 1,000 Locations

Designed for multi-pin businesses and chains.

Intelligent Recommendations

Locl tells you what to do when for the best performance.

Custom Location Groups

Intuitively segment your locations how you want.

Reputation Management

Customer Reviews made easy: notifications, quick replies, sentiment.

Scheduling & Automation

Publish posts, photos, and videos across all locations.

Metrics That Make Sense

Better understand your customers’ behavior for better business decisions.

Profile Lock & Tracking

Stop anonymous and unauthorized changes to your listings.