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Businesses that serve tourists or meetings, you’re in the right place.

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Locl provides the expertise and software needed to unlock Google Maps for your business.

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Drive more new business using mapping applications.

Mapping applications (Google Maps, Apple Maps, etc.) are a few of the most used apps out there. Google Maps alone has over a billion monthly users.

When a person uses maps, he/she is very far down the sales funnel. When searching for “sushi near me” and requesting directions, their “intent” is to go there and spend money. Over 80% visit within 24 hours, in fact.

Understanding your customers will help you attract more customers.

Locl was built so businesses get the most from maps platforms, especially those who who rely on foot-traffic (restaurants, attractions, retail, etc.). Maps performance metrics closely correlate to actual revenue. Our customers get aggregated data and insights on their customers in an easy-to-understand way.

More data for better decisions and more revenue.

Locl helps you better understand who your customers are, from where they’re visiting, and when they’re coming to your location or thousands of locations. You can use this information to lower customer acquisition costs and drive more business, calculate maps-derived revenue and even predict future revenue.

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For businesses that serve tourists and/or meeting planners.

Direction requests

Website clicks

Phone calls

Customer zip code from request

Multi-location aggregate views

Down-to-the-day data granularity

18-months data history

24-7 access

DSingle-location views

Weekly reports

Month-over-month comparisons

Year-over-year comparisons

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