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Businesses that serve tourists or meetings, you’re in the right place - free through 2021.

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The universal truths of today’s visitor

  • People use their phones to search when traveling
  • 93% use Google / Google Maps as their primary search tool
  • 80% of local searches result in a customer visit

WIN More Customers

  • Smart Todos and How-To Guide
  • Show up in more searches
  • Publish social media-style posts
  • Respond to customer reviews
  • Metrics that correlate to revenue
  • Much more!

Save Time

  • Recycle your Instagram posts on Maps
  • Upload 100+ photo batches 
  • Multi-location listing management
  • Simple to use and fast!


“The insights we’re getting on Google user behavior have been nothing short of profound, and we intend to keep working side-by-side with Locl and Travel Portland to now mine those insights for big improvement in our Google search/maps performance.

Terry St. Marie
COO/CFO, Tender Loving Empire

“Since signing up and optimizing our restaurant listings, we have seen a strong increase in both direct and discovery searches. We are now showing up in more searches than ever before, bringing us more customers.”

Josh Johnston
Co-Owner, Independent Restaurant Concepts

Free in 2020 & 2021!

For businesses that serve tourists and/or meeting planners.

Direction requests

Website clicks

Phone calls

Customer zip code from request

Multi-location aggregate views

Down-to-the-day data granularity

18-months data history

24-7 access

Single-location views

Weekly reports

Month-over-month comparisons

Year-over-year comparisons

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Locl provides the expertise and software needed to unlock Google Maps for your business.

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