7 Locl Features and Benefits

Locl gives any business owner the power to easily manage their online profiles, connect with customers, and sync information across multiple listings for every location – all from a single dashboard. These are delivered via Locl’s proprietary performance engine.

1. Smart To-Dos

Not sure where to begin with your Google Business Profile? If you’ve been struggling to figure out the next step to take with your online listings, it’s time to be more intuitive with your decisions. Let Locl tell you what the next best steps are for peak digital performance. Whether it’s optimizing your listing, posting on Google, or responding to reviews, the next smart move will be presented to you promptly. It’s as easy as turning on your notifications and following the recommendations. These are delivered via Locl’s proprietary performance engine.


2. Customer Reviews Center

Managing reviews via Google Business Profile is time-consuming for multi-location businesses. Think of Locl like an upgrade, a premium version of Google Business Profile where you’re able to manage reviews more efficiently for your single or multi-location business from a single dashboard – our reputation tool. We’ll even let you know when you receive a new review so you can reply to them ASAP. The result? Your customers’ voice is heard, and your brand becomes word-of-mouth in the digital space.

3. Photo Manager and Smart Scheduling

Posting new photos to your Google Business Profile regularly gets your audience engaged and shows that you are active online. In fact, Google business listings with 100+ owner-submitted photos are 20x more likely to show up in Google searches!

Are you tired of adjusting your photo sizes and orientation every time you want to post something? When using Locl you can:

  • Automatically modify photos to be Google-friendly
  • Pull photos directly from your social media accounts
  • Schedule photo uploads to your listing

The feeling of unproductivity won’t hit you anymore, and best of all, you have more time for other critical business decisions.

4. Custom Location Grouping

One of the biggest setbacks of Google Business Profile is that users can only manage one listing at a time. This hinders multi-location businesses from adjusting their vast numbers of locations quickly and efficiently. Often, it means extra hours and extra people. When using Locl’s Custom Location Grouping feature, you’ll enjoy the privilege of managing your different locations from a single dashboard – just select the location(s) and apply changes simultaneously and instantaneously.


5. Profile Lock

Did you know that anyone could potentially change the information on your Google Business Profile? That includes rival companies, frustrated customers, or even disgruntled employees. The “Suggest An Edit” button on Google can be handy for customers, but it can also be dangerous. With Locl, you can update your Amenities/Attributes, then turn on the Lock Attributes button – protecting your profile from undesirable changes for good.


6. 18-Months of Performance Metrics that Grow each day

Locl gives out its generous 18-month data history upon signup, with down-to-the-day granularity, that grows with you each day you’re a customer. Compare this to compared to only 90 days of data history and only rolling 7, 28, and 90-day views with the Google Business Profile suite, your data alone is worth the subscription price. With better insights and a more comprehensive view of the data at hand, you’re ahead of the game with Locl. Review website views, phone calls, direction requests, and other high-attribution conversion metrics. If you’re a business owner with two or more locations, you can now sort any metric and see how the locations compare during any date range!


7. Add-ons & Quality Support

Locl has three plan options to choose from: Basics, Premium, and Plus Reach. All are tailored to best fit your business & the number of locations you manage. Looking for a little bit of extra help? Locl also offers:

  • 24/7 Support
  • Locations Cleanup
  • Custom Onboarding


Locl is a location-performance software specifically designed to equip multi-location businesses with performance-driving features and practical recommendations to tackle the dynamics of digital marketing – no marketing experience is required.

Sign up for your free trial today! (*no gimmicks here, no credit card required!)