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Locl’s FAQ shares answers to some of the most common questions from our customers. From Locl how-tos to Google Business Profile help, our team of experts has everything that you need to know

Locl FAQ

Q: What does Locl do?
A: Locl is your one-stop-shop for all things search. From creating and scheduling Posts on Google Business Profiles to syncing data across today’s top search engines, Locl ensures that you’ll always be where your customers are looking.
Q: Does Locl only work with Google Business Profile listings?
A: No. While Google should be a focus for anyone marketing their business, Locl works with today’s top search engines and social media platforms to help you manage every angle of your business.
Q: Which accounts can I connect to Locl?
A: Users can connect their Google, Facebook, and Instagram accounts to gain insights into profile performance and import posts from today’s top social platforms.
Q: How do I link my accounts to Locl?
A: Connecting your accounts to Locl is easy and only takes about 5 minutes. Just create an account and our tool will take it from there, guiding you through the process of linking your accounts to help get you started on the right foot. If you have any questions, you can contact our team here or by emailing
Q: How can I measure my success online with Locl?
A: Locl brings together statistics from Google Analytics, Google Maps, and your Google Business Profile to keep track of your performance. While Google Business Profiles only provide 90 days of analytics, Locl delivers 18 months of data history to help your team measure success over time and track those wins!
Q: Do I need to understand digital marketing to use Locl?
A: No. We built Locl as an accessible tool for anyone to use – no marketing experience required. Our Smart To-Do system lets you know when it’s time to share photos, check your business listing information, and respond to reviews to always make sure you’re on the right track.
Q: Can marketing agencies use Locl?
A: Yes! Locl is perfect for agencies managing a collection of online business listings. Our team works to understand your business, your goals, and find a price that’s right for your needs and your business.
Q: If I add a new location to my Google Business Profile account, how long will it take to show up in Locl?
A: If the location is verified, published, active, and meets all other requirements (not a duplicate, not suspended, not disconnected, and not disbaled in GMB), then it will show up in your Locl account within 24 hours.
Q: Is there a way to add additional users to my Locl account so they can help me manage my listings?
A: Yes! We have a “Team Member” tool under the “My Account” section. Here you can add team members and choose their permissions level (full access or limited) depending on what accounts you’d like them to manage.
Q: Will Locl ever make updates to my account or listings?
A: No, Locl will never make automatic updates to your business’ location(s). Locl is designed to help you easily manage your online listings, connect with new customers, and grow your business – we will never make unauthorized changes to any customer account.

Google Business Profile FAQ

Q: Why do I need a Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business or GMB)?
A: Google is the world’s top search engine, helping you connect with customers searching for the products and services that you provide! Listing your business on Google helps customers discover your business, connect with your website, request directions to your brick-and-mortar store, and more.
Q: How do I verify my Google Business Profile?
A: After claiming your Business Profile on Google, you’ll have to request verification by mail or verify with Google by email, phone, Search Console, or video recording. For more information, check out Google’s handy guide here.
Q: How do I manage multiple business listings on Google?
A: From one location to one thousand, Locl lets you easily view and manage every location from a single dashboard. From syncing data to sharing the right posts to the right people with Listing Groups, you’re always in control over every location.
Q: How can I manage reviews from customers on Google?
A: Locl will notify you every time a new review comes through. You can respond through the Reputation page, and even create Quick Reply templates to help get you started when a review comes through – all through a single page. 
Q: Can I schedule Posts for my Google Business Profile?
A: Yes. Locl gives you the power to publish Posts instantly or schedule them for the future. Our social connector even lets you import pictures, videos, and posts from Facebook and Instagram to make cross-posting to your Google Business Profile a breeze.
Q: How can I create automatic recurring Posts for my Google Business Profile?
A: Locl makes it easy to set up recurring Google Business Profile Posts for any business location. From monthly events to seasonal sales, recurring Posts are a simple way to share regular updates with your customers.
Q: Should I respond to negative reviews for my business, too?
A: Yes, reviews are a huge search ranking factor on Google and it’s important to respond to both positive and negative reviews.
Q: Can I delete photos from my business listing on Google?
A: You can delete owner-submitted photos from a listing. However, any user-submitted photos by a customer can not be removed.

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