Being Asked to Start Your Own Google My Business API Project?

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Here’s why Locl is an easier and smarter path forward for GMB Management

The Google My Business (GMB) management software landscape has seen some dramatic shifts over the past few weeks. Fierce competition, alleged bullying from legacy players in the market, and other businesses abusing tools and violating policies may have resulted in you being asked to apply for your own GMB API Project.

Before you proceed down this path of requesting your own access to the GMB API, and installing custom code to your site or domain, you should be aware of the following challenges.

Challenges With Starting Your Own GMB API Project

Setting Up An API Integration is Time-Consuming and a Technical Headache

Effective business software should help save you time and streamline your operations. The more effort it takes to troubleshoot technical details, the less time you can focus on growing your business.

The time you invest with GMB and local listings software should be focused on creating great content, keeping your listing relevant and accurate, and connecting with your customers.  Savvy businesses know these optimizations provide the best ROI, rather than spending your time navigating the weeds of custom configuration, Google API Console projects, and verifying your API key.

You know your business and market better than anyone else. Your tools and software should help you grow and take action. You shouldn’t have to also know the technical logistics of how to configure these tools or integrate their software, when other partners have already solved that problem for you.

Google Has To Approve Your Application

While many of Google’s APIs are open to any developers, the GMB API requires direct Google approval for access.

Google requires you complete an application and a manual review process before you can begin. This takes time to complete both the application and review, and Google may not approve your request. Depending on the volume of applicants, Google may even temporarily halt applications.

If takes too long for your approval, or if your approval is denied, you will have to deal with added stress and complications that keeps you on the sidelines.

Custom Software Instances Are A Different Business Model from SaaS

Changing from a software as a service (SaaS) model to custom integrations is a significant undertaking for any business.

The requirements for support and success are entirely different for this business model. If you partner with a company that has to change suddenly, you will inevitably face different obstacles, headaches, and challenges than before.

Taking this change on will require significant effort on your end, and with a sudden change in  your partner’s business model, it’s hard to know what you can or should expect. As a result, you may have to take on more maintenance and updates, stretching your resources even thinner. 

On top of that, who knows what else might have to change in the coming weeks?

Why Locl Is The Better Choice

With Locl, you can get back to doing what you need to do to win on GMB, right now.

Get More Out of GMB Insights & Analytics

Keeping up-to-date with your analytics and reporting is simple, with 18+ months of data. Locl’s dashboard provides automated analysis that makes it easy to understand how you are performing compared to the previous year.

For businesses with multiple locations, Locl makes it easy to view performance in aggregate, or drill down as needed.

Easier Tools to Create & Scale Great Content

Keeping your photos fresh, attractive, and relevant is crucial to converting customers on GMB. With Locl, you can easily upload and schedule batches of photos across all of your locations. Rather than uploading individual images at a time, you can quickly get multiple photos published across multiple locations.

Locl’s GMB Post Scheduler makes it easy to create and plan great content. You can even share the content you are already creating on Facebook or Instagram to GMB, saving you time and creating a consistent brand message.

Platform Built on GMB Expertise & Intelligent Recommendations

Locl is built by experts to cut through the noise of marketing. Locl’s Smart To-Dos to help guide you through onboarding and on-going GMB management. This keeps you focused on the right steps and best investments for your time.

With Locl, you can feel confident that you are partnering with a company that closely monitors usage and compliance to keep your tools up and running.

Interested in getting started with Locl? Click here to book time, or sign up for a free account and get started in 5 minutes.