Geotagging: How It Works and Why It Matters

Location pin being placed on map

Geotagging has been ingrained into the DNA of the online browsing experience for well over a decade. Whether showcasing your new business or highlighting your favorite restaurant, geotags are a great way to localize your content and improve overall visibility. But what is geotagging, and how does it work?

Geotagging links geographical coordinates to your posted images, videos, website, or social media content. It helps users and search engines pinpoint the exact location of a site to optimize your search engine rankings.

Today, geotagged data has transformed from a novelty to a necessity. Not only is it being used to leverage better customer-focused benefits, but geotagging also allows businesses to reach their target goals faster when it comes to customer retention and satisfaction.


How Does Geotagging Work?

Geotagging helps search engines identify photos and the location it depicts, where and when it was taken, or both. You can set the geotag as a particular location of your choosing by assigning longitude, latitude, or geographical metadata to your media.

It’s also essential for helping you pinpoint your customers and making your business appear as the top choice in search engine results. Driving local traffic to your website increases local sales, creates a positive customer perception, and leads to additional online and offline word-of-mouth promotion.

Take this, for example – if your commercial cleaning business is in Paris, Texas, you wouldn’t want to appear in search results for potential customers in Paris, France. If your content reflects a specific location, providing accompanying geotags to your photos and other media boosts search engine confidence and bolsters local search results.


Why Does Geotagging Matter?

Most people search for a product when they have a pertinent need, not just a passing interest. Appearing at the top of ranked internet search results means that businesses are in front of the eyes of customers who require services locally. Customers want to narrow down those hundreds of search results to ones that are useful and aligned to their personal needs. If geotags aren’t being used across online media, you’re less likely to be found by potential customers.

With the ever-changing algorithm and analytics of search engines, it’s crucial to geotag your web data and use keywords to increase your targeted traffic. Your website visitors don’t see this information, but search engines read, catalog, and analyze the geotag information as they search for data.

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