How to Attract Your Ideal Local SEO Clients 

Local businesses are often the most exciting SEO clients to work with due to the creative challenge and strategy it takes to appeal to a local market. 

While the basics like Google Business Profile optimization, localized content, etc., still apply, local businesses must think outside the box when trying to rank locally. Acquiring these types of clients can take a certain level of skill, and to SEO professionals, attracting positive, ambitious, and proactive local SEO clients is ideal. 

Here are some tips for getting local SEO clients you genuinely want to work with. 

Start Conversations with Local Business Owners 

The best way to attract local SEO clients is to start genuine conversations. The topic of conversation doesn’t have to be about SEO initially; simply getting to know the client, the business, and the efficacy of their online presence. If you’re presented with an SEO question or prompted for advice, chances are your client will be happy you informed them about the SEO issues they’re facing and potential solutions. Your advice may be a massive favor and could become an ongoing engagement. Or, at the very least, open the door to referral business once you’re seen as the local SEO expert. If you notice an SEO issue, take the time to offer some value pro bono; you might be surprised by how your efforts can turn into a new client or referral connection. 

Identify Businesses Investing in Marketing 

It’s no secret in the marketing community that tight-budget clients can often have the most needs. Understanding their long-term growth goals can help you meet them where they are in terms of budget and expand later. 

When looking for local SEO clients, look for businesses that meet the following criteria: 

  • Do they have a responsive website that’s updated regularly?  
  • Is the company posting on social media? How often? 
  • Is the business running paid ads? 
  • Are they active with blogs and content marketing? 
  • Have they completed some degree of SEO for their business? 
  • Are they updating their website with new deals, events, offers, etc.? 
  • Have they optimized their local search presence? 

Once you’ve identified local businesses that appear to check off some of these boxes, reach out to them yourself. An offer like an audit or a friendly consultation could be your foot in the door to an open engagement, so take action!  

Attend Speaking Events, Webinars, and Networking Meetups 

Rather than cold messaging business owners with a sales pitch, it’s best to provide no-strings-attached value first. This can be in the form of a friendly, personal email or, in this case, sharing your knowledge at in-person or online events. You can also attract clients by sharing your expertise through professional talks, online interviews, networking events, or conferences. 

And remember, proactive business owners attending such events often make good clients, so make sure to socialize and exchange business information with the other businesses you meet. 

Establish Close Partnerships with Other Local Marketing Agencies 

Another clever workaround to get more local SEO clients is agency partnerships. Chances are, there are tons of marketing agencies in your area that offer marketing services. However, not all of them will offer SEO. Forging a partnership could be an excellent way to get referral business or white label your services.  

Agencies that see this as a direct pitch might not contact you, but others might see the value of a two-way partnership. You can send leads their way, and they send SEO clients to you. Or you can provide a percentage commission on new business sent your way. It’s a win-win.  

Pro tip: we love our partners and can white-label our product to help with your local SEO offerings! 

So, What’s the Secret to Finding the Best SEO Clients?  

There is no secret; while lead generation efforts work and are useful, you’ll find that the key to getting and maintaining great local SEO clients comes down to building genuine relationships with them. Whether it’s networking, speaking, or providing educational value, cultivating meaningful connections is the best way to attract great clients. You’ll find that many people are receptive to professionals who take a chance to get to know them, solve a problem, and nurture a friendly conversation in the process. 

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