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How To Use Locl’s Social Media Connector

Locl has launched its new Social Media Connector to connect Locl’s dashboard and users’ social media accounts. Let’s explore how to use this tool!

5 Ways to Rank Higher on Google Maps in 2021

Online marketing has been thriving endlessly over the last couple of years due to the effect of the coronavirus pandemic. Google My Business (GMB) listing is absolutely critical for getting your business rank higher on Google Maps. Here are 5 ways to rank higher on Google Maps in 2021.

How To Add Photos, Videos, and Posts to Listing | Google My Business

The visual aspect plays a very important role in getting the best first impression for your business. Including images of your business on your website is crucial if you want to attract more prospective customers. Here are some tips on uploading photos to your Google Maps Listing.

3 Franchise Marketing Ideas to Boost Local Business

Brainstorming franchise marketing ideas for multiple locations can be a challenging task. Franchisors need to consider and develop their brand image as a whole while at the same time driving... Read more ›

Why Do I Need GMB for My Business? (And What Is It?)

To build an online presence, many businesses create a Business Profile on Google. However, if you want to manage and edit your profile for effective SEO or lead generation, only... Read more ›

How to Drive Traffic and Sales With Offline Media in 4 Easy Steps

Nowadays, before landing at purchasing decisions, consumer interactions travel through an omnichannel marketing experience, including online and offline media. While the great divide between online and offline media scares many... Read more ›

How To Update Your Google My Business Page

Updating your Google My Business page is a great way to keep your current and prospective customers up to date on who you are as a business. Let’s find out... Read more ›

How To Get Google Reviews (5 Ways)

It has been known for a long time that what clients have to say about your business has a bigger impact than what you have to say. So if you’re... Read more ›

How to Add a Black Owned Business Attribute to Your Google Maps

To support the growth of black-owned business communities, Google has recently added a new attribute - Black-owned Business - for Maps listings. Let’s learn how to add a black-owned business... Read more ›

Improve Sales Forecasting with ML and AI

We are living in the customer demand-driven world. However, the demand patterns vary considerably from period to period and become a challenge to accurate sales forecasts. Fortunately, businesses can now... Read more ›

5 Things You Need To Do For Your Local Business on Google

There are several things to do for your local business on Google. Check out these quick and easy local business tips to do that. RELATED: Add These 6 Tips To... Read more ›

Navigating Locl’s Optimization Suite for Google My Business

Managing your Google My Business via Locl has never been easier with our user-friendly dashboards. In this article, we will dive into the basic navigation of Locl’s optimization suite so... Read more ›