Drive Business Online With Locl (WEBINAR)

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Earlier this month, Travel Oregon announced a new opportunity to help Oregon travel and tourism businesses optimize their Google My Business (GMB) profiles. Portland-based company Locl provides free access to a suite of GMB optimization tools. Let’s check out Locl webinar and how it can benefit your business. 

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In This Article:

  1. The Problem 
  2. The Solution
  3. How You Present Your Business on Google

Learn all about Locl in LOCL WEBINAR

If you are an Oregon tourism-related business, sign up at To learn more, visit the Locl Toolkit or, if you missed it, view the webinar hosted on March 11.

It goes without saying that the tourism industry has been badly damaged by the pandemic everywhere around the globe. In order to bring tourism in Oregon back on its feet, Locl has set out to help businesses grow and thrive. The program goals include: 

  • Increase Oregon’s overall footprint on Google by improving businesses’ presence on Google.
  • Streamline listing management for Travel Oregon and R/DMO partners.

The Problem 

Google maps always pop up on your searches on Google and not only in your Google Maps app. Businesses with reliable information are likely to appear at the top of the list and will likely be visited. 

As a result, businesses with the most compelling and accurate listings on Google WIN potential customers. 

While the ones with a weak or no Google presence LOSE out on this free advertising chance. 

GMB controls the Business Listings on Google. And that’s where the problem arises, managing Google listings can be difficult. Besides, limited access to certain features such as history and unclear metrics will likely cause you more harm than good. 

The Solution

All of your problems can be easily solved with Locl, as you will see how in the Locl webinar. Locl provides you with:

  • Features that save countless hours and drive both online and offline results 
  • Personalized timely direction for maximum performance
  • New insights and metrics which correlate to sales. 

How You Present Your Business on Google

Manage Location

You can add one or more locations to your GMB, which helps you have an easier time monitoring and managing each location. 


Listings with 100 or more images get 20 times more clicks than average. While listings with one or two images get 65% fewer clicks than average 


Take advantage of different post options to boost your online presence even further. Different posts will provide you different results. 


All the metrics and statistics of your business are clearly shown to give you a better view and insight into your current state.

With Locl, businesses can easily manage GMB profile updates, create offers and events, engage with customer reviews, monitor business performance and act on insights – all in one place and for every location. This opportunity gives Oregon a competitive advantage as we all work to rebuild our once-thriving tourism economy.

If you are an Oregon tourism-related business, sign up at To learn more, visit the Locl Toolkit or, if you missed it, view the Locl webinar hosted on March 11.