Improve Your Multi-Location Business Marketing With Locl

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Multi-location businesses want an effective, convertible, and scalable marketing strategy, but many are struggling. So, how to improve your multi-location business marketing for good?

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  2. Is It Not That Easy For Multi-Location Businesses?
  3. Improve Multi-Location Business Marketing With Locl

Boost Multi-Location Business Marketing With Locl Optimization Suite:

Why Should We Target Locally?

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It is crucial to remember how critical the local market is, especially for multi-location businesses.

The advent of smartphones and technology has made more and more customers turn to local Internet searches for services and products. Additionally, with the rise of digital transformation and e-commerce platforms, the idea of local marketing couldn’t be more relevant. On the other hand, local marketing is still true in the offline context – Why would a customer go too far for pizzas. At the same time, can they have fantastic service at nearby restaurants?

Therefore, targeting local customers should be at the center of multi-location marketing strategies, and reaching out to local customers has become more critical than ever before.

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Is It Not That Easy For Multi-Location Businesses?

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Multi-location marketing usually takes these three common approaches. The first way is to cast a big net – instead of dedicating your whole campaign to local targets, you launch a “catch-them-all” campaign. Although this approach seems more feasible for multi-pin businesses, it doesn’t score well, given the significance of local targeting discussed above.

The second one is to manage all of the locations’ campaigns one by one. While it rings true that you should control every step of your work, it can be problematic if you manage multiple locations. Imagine how much time, effort, and resources are needed to manage 100+ or 1000+ locations one by one. That type of management will cost you beaucoup bucks and a hell of a time!

The third way is to give it up to your locations to run their marketing. Giving out the freedom to your branches is an excellent option because they know their local customers best at the end of the day. However, total freedom can trade off your pocket as each location cannot cover all the expenses of running its campaign without access to enterprise-level tools. At the same time, total freedom might put the consistency of your brand images at risk. If not to say, the results are not always desirable.

The dilemma hits hard, but it leads to one crucial question – How to boost local marketing for multi-location businesses without wasting too much time, effort, and resources?

Improve Multi-Location Business Marketing With Locl

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We have seen multi-location businesses suffer and understood the need for better local marketing. Locl is a multi-location performance software that can help you tackle the dynamics of local marketing campaigns and drive your performance at scale.

Locl helps maximize your regional presence on Google Maps and Google My Business to provide a warm, friendly, and local face to your customers. Your targeting will be better, and your business will become an authority in the local market while keeping your brand message intact.

Multi-location management won’t be your nightmare anymore. With Locl, campaigns and Listing optimization are customizable to each location. Changes in your Listing can be applied simultaneously across locations thanks to its “Group Locations” feature, saving you countless hours and manual work while having a fantastic management experience. You have everything at hand, effortlessly.

Locl helps streamline your workflow at the corporate level. The tool equips marketers and business owners with its generous 18-month data storage. You can get involved and gain insights into the performance of each location to devise campaigns appealing to customers at specific geographics and demographics. And best of all, you can engage, educate, and give some leeway to your franchisees on ongoing updates and procedures without losing the consistency of your brand image.

Multi-location business marketing should be like campfires – it should reach your customers where they’re at, in a warm, familiar, and inviting way. Start building sparkling local fires with Locl today and boost your multi-location business marketing right away!

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