How Photos Can Increase Your Google My Business Listing Performance

Learn how Google My Business photos can boost your listing performance and how Locl enhances your photo management.

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In this article:

  1. Why Photos Can Enhance Your Listing Performance
  2. What Types of Photos You Should Add
  3. Upload and Manage Photos Easier With Locl

Google My Business Photos for a Perfect Listing:

Why Photos Can Enhance Your Listing Performance

A woman looking at the tablet | How Photos Can Increase Your Google My Business Listing Performance

Google will automatically collect and add photos from the public to your listing. Although those photos usually come from satisfied customers, it’s crucial to proactively upload your own photos to ensure the consistency of your listing and also the engagement and trust of potential customers.

If a detailed business description provides written information about your business, photos help visualize the experience of using your products/service. The better the visualization is the more engagement your business drives.

A variety of photos build trust. Because potential customers have seen the outside and inside of your store, your products, and the team behind them, they feel confident going from Google searches to buying decisions.

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What Types of Photos You Should Add

A cafe owner taking picture of the dessert | How Photos Can Increase Your Google My Business Listing Performance

  • Exterior & Interior. These types of photos identify the external appearance of your business and what kind of atmosphere it brings to customers when they enter the physical place. If you’re in the hospitality business, upload some common area and room photos to showcase the amenities and luxuries that can attract potential customers.
  • Team Photos. Happy and professional-looking employees speak volumes to your brand values and positioning. When your business becomes more relatable and trustworthy, there’s no way customers won’t choose you.
  • Product. Product photos not only tell customers what you offer but also showcase your product quality. This type of photo is pretty self-explanatory for food & beverage businesses who always try to make their foods and drinks look as dazzling as possible.
  • Service. Photos that capture your team serving customers help prospects know what to expect from your service and why they should go for you.

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Upload and Manage Photos Easier With Locl

A flower store owner looking at the computer smiling | How Photos Can Increase Your Google My Business Listing Performance

Despite its several helpful features, Google My Business is not user-friendly for multi-location businesses.

The platform only allows you to manage one listing at a time. Imagine you have to resize and adjust your photos for each of your locations. While editors spend around 5 to 20 minutes formatting pictures, the time can go up like crazy for 100+ listings. Also, you may want to reupload photos from social media accounts and schedule them for specific locations. That is also not within reach of the Google My Business suite.

Locl is a performance software that automatically adjusts the size and orientation of your photos to be Google-friendly. Locl pulls photos directly from your social media accounts and uploads them to your listing in set schedules with its Social Media Connector tool. Locl also allows you to group location(s) and apply changes to them all at once. Think about the photo-editing time for all of your locations now be reduced to a few mouse clicks. Isn’t it relieving?

Want to see Locl in action? Check out this step-by-step tutorial:

Google My Business photos enhance your listings by engaging and building trust with potential customers. However, using Google My Business alone leaves multi-location businesses with adversaries when managing photos across their listings. Using Locl, multi-pin businesses will have a better experience with their photos and a chance to optimize their multiple listings, all at once.

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