How Locl Helps You Combat Google Maps Marketing Challenges

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Google Maps marketing is a great way to boost and own your online presence, yet often, this is a complex and complicated task for marketers or small business owners. Here’s how Locl can help you combat your Google Maps marketing challenges!

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In this article:

  1. Google Maps Marketing – The Window Of Opportunities
  2. Challenges of Managing Google Maps Listings 
  3. Maximize Your Google Maps Marketing Potential With Locl

Master Google Maps Marketing with Locl:

Google Maps Marketing – The Window Of Opportunities

Google reigns the search market: 93% of all Internet searches are on Google. What’s more important is, half of those searches are “local” searches – customers want something near them.

As people are in consumer mode when they do Google searches, Google listings present great opportunities because it gives customers just the information they need to decide on whether to choose a business over another. The search is, therefore, the frontline before any further steps in the customer journey.

To simply put, businesses with a compelling Google Maps presence win customers. A strong Maps listing usually includes:

  • Correct business information.
  • Strong photography.
  • Social media-style posts.
  • Compelling calls to action.

Did you know: It’s shown that listings with 100+ owner-submitted photos get 20 times more clicks than the average listing. Also, listings with one or a few images get 65% fewer clicks than average.

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Challenges of Managing Google Maps Listings

Google My Business (GMB) is where you go in and edit your Google Maps listings. However, managing Google Maps listings via the GMB suite can be a big challenge as Google hasn’t done a great job of getting businesses to use its platform. The platform is features-packed with all those over-minimalist navigation panels, and most of the time, the rabbit hole seems too deep.

As businesses have no clue how to win in this digital space, they don’t give the attention that their Maps listings deserve. In other words, Google is a hungry search algorithm that is constantly hunting for information to provide relevant, high-quality results for the people using it. Thus, optimizing your Maps listing doesn’t mean “set it up” and “forget it”. It means keeping your listing up to date and make Google Maps marketing part of your marketing mix or business development practice.

Next, the GMB suite also makes it difficult for multiple locations businesses. They are the ones that suffer the most because the platform only allows changes to be made on one location at a time. This is time-consuming because there isn’t enough to do it all, even if you only have 10+ locations, let alone hundreds or thousands.

The next thing is data. Marketers need to see seasonality or yearly comparisons to make data-driven decisions for businesses. GMB suite is better than many other platforms, but it only shows how the business performs in the last 90 days, which hinders the large portion of insights that could be informative and insightful to the business.

Maximize Your Google Maps Marketing Potential With Locl

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Locl is an all-in-one platform that helps you maximize your Google Maps marketing potential:

  • You can regain control of your listing. Using Locl, you can change or update your GMB profile, including Photos, Hours, Special Holidays, Attributes, Categories, etc. All easy and quick.
  • You can transform your Google posts into a social-media-style calendar. Locl has a social media connector feature, connecting your social media accounts and reposting those content in your Google posts with helpful content management options.
  • Managing your multiple locations is easier and quicker than ever before. Group or Ungroup your locations within a few simple clicks. Everything is organized and streamlined!
  • Locl helps create compelling CTAs that capture your customer’s intent and direct them into making decisions.
  • Stronger analytics for businesses. Locl shows what’s happening behind the data. And the good news is, this is not limited to the 90-day window like the original GMB suite, as your data can be stored in the Locl database for 18 months!
  • It tells you what to do with your Maps listing. Locl presents all the recommended optimization steps you need to take to boost your Google Maps marketing and your overall performance. All you need to do is click, drag, and drop. You won’t feel lost anymore!

While Google is making moves to enhance all its features to be more user-friendly, it’s still an options-loaded tool that, more often than not, disinterests people from exploring how to take advantage of it and creates more complexity and confusion. Locl helps you combat Google Maps marketing challenges by simplifying all the necessary steps and guiding you through critical business decisions with ease.

Having trouble improving the online performance of your business? Let LOCL know how we can help! If you’re unsure, you can use Locl’s Basics FREE; no credit card is required. Getting set up takes a couple of minutes!