5 Benefits That Locl Can Bring To Your Business

Young business men shaking hand in a coffee shop | Feature | 5 Benefits That Locl Can Bring Your Business

Managing multiple-location businesses takes sweat and tears, and no business owners ever want to waste their time, effort, and resources just to get nowhere. Here are some Locl benefits that will take your management to the next level!

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In this article:

  1. Locl Benefits | Streamlined Work With Your Franchisees
  2. Locl Benefits | Convenient Social Media Cross Posting
  3. Locl Benefits | Total Control Of Your Listing
  4. Locl Benefits | Useful Metrics
  5. Locl Benefits | User Friendly Platform


Locl Benefits Boosts Your Business Performance:

Locl Benefits | Streamlined Work With Your Franchisees

Getting news and updates across all your locations can be tedious. And the more locations you manage, the harder it can get to streamline your work and keep track of your big team.

Now you’re safe to say goodbye to those on-site training sessions and visits across your locations. Locl helps educate and engage franchises by streamlining education for corporations and franchises; and engaging franchises in procedural updates or ongoing projects in no time!

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Locl Benefits | Convenient Social Media Cross Posting

Phone screen showing multiple social media platforms | 5 Benefits That Locl Can Bring Your Business

Think about the last time you reposted your social media content via Google My Business. Did it take you too much time despite being a mere manual task of paraphrasing and copy-pasting?

With Locl’s Social Media Connector, you can automate your social media posts across all your platforms. Edit, schedule, or repost directly on your Google My Business account with a few clicks. And most importantly, it saves you hours of drafting your Google Posts from scratch.

Locl also makes it easier to manage content across your multiple locations. As the GMB suite allows changes on only one location at a time, multiple-location businesses are the ones struggling the most. With Locl, you can group or ungroup to make changes across your locations. It’s fast, efficient, and error-free.


Locl Benefits | Total Control Over Your Listing

Businesses with compelling listings win customers. With that said, correct business information and good reviews are the two defining elements that constitute a strong business profile.

Imagine you have to scroll down every review to respond to your customers manually. That would be a crazy amount of work! Fortunately, you can cut it down at least by half that time by using Locl.

With Locl’s Optimization Suite, you can eliminate anonymous undesired changes and respond to customers’ reviews more smartly. The tool enables you to go through new reviews and quickly reply to every one of them. You can also edit and update your business information and add relevant attributes that resonate with your customers’ needs. You’re in total control of your listing, as you always wish.


Locl Benefits | Useful Metrics

What customers do on Google Maps strongly correlates to the real-world performance of businesses. Therefore, having a full report to keep track of the performance of your marketing activities is a must.

Locl offers clear insights into your customers’ actions, including easy-to-view detailed analytics that comes packaged with the data history of the last 18 months (compared to just 90 days of Google My Business suite). The result is, you win more customers, earn better ROI, and save money on your next marketing campaign.

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Locl Benefits | User Friendly Platform

Although Google My Business is a go-to choice for many companies to win the digital space, Google hasn’t done a great job making its platform user-friendly. All those over-minimalist panels can be a big challenge that hinders businesses from reaching their maximal potential in the online environment.

Locl offers intelligent recommendations, telling you when to do what’s best to boost your online presence. All the recommended steps will be presented to you timely. Just follow its clear guidance! In the end, what’s better than an intelligent tool that tells you exactly when and how to boost your business’s online performance?


Managing multiple-location businesses won’t be a nightmare with Locl. To have a general idea of navigating Locl’s Optimization suite, check out this guide

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