Boost Multi-location Performance with Locl

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Digital advancement has changed our shopping behavior drastically. With all the information at their fingertips, customers can now find the best deals at the closest businesses with the highest star rating. We talk a lot about small businesses, but how about big brands with multiple locations? How can they boost their multi-location performance in today’s digital landscape?

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Drive Multi-location Performance With Locl:

It’s Greater Than A Simple Addition

When expanding from a single to a multi-location operation, businesses have to deal with a different set of issues that are sometimes beyond the matter of addition. For example, it can take a crazy amount of time to check each of your locations’ listings. You may also ask how to manage tons of reviews across your multiple locations and ensure you have replied to all of them. Or what to do when the public makes undesired adjustments to your Google attributes and millions of other issues.

It is easy to underestimate the importance of those, yet failure to prepare your system and strategies can compromise your performance. When it comes to location performance software for multi-pin businesses and chains with 1 to 1,000+ locations, Locl is one of the best tools that helps you resolve the prominent issues facing your business and boosts your multi-location performance with minimum effort.

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Boost Multi-Location Performance with Locl

Photos and Social Posts Are Quick-Snaps

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The time editors spend on formatting pictures varies from 5 minutes to 20 minutes max. Let’s say you have 100 locations. How can you manage to publish hundreds of photos across all the platforms of those locations? Of course, you can hire a person dedicated to such things, but why do so while you have tools like Locl?

Locl automatically makes adjustments (size, orientation) to your images to make them compatible with the Google environment. Schedule images? No big deal. Use Locl to batch and schedule them across platforms.

Additionally, you can transform your Google posts into a social-media-style calendar using Locl’s social media connector. Connect your social media accounts and republish those content in your Google posts with helpful content management options.

Your Listing is Yours, and Yours Alone

According to Google My Business, business attributes are partly dependent on the public. Believe it or not, businesses struggle when the public makes undesired, sometimes harmful changes to their listings. Single-location listings suffer, let alone multi-location business.

Locl allows you to lock the attributes, keeping your listing under control. Unless it is you, no one else can make changes to your listings.

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Take Reviews Under Control

The quicker you reply to Google reviews, the better your brand image will be. And the last thing you want to do is leaving negative reviews unanswered. However, it can take forever to scroll down some couple hundred reviews to check and reply. While you only need about 10 minutes to respond to 5 online reviews, that number can go up incredibly with the number of your locations.

Fortunately, you can cut down that time at least by half with Locl. The tool enables businesses to look at all the new and unanswered reviews. You can quickly reply to them, ensure your customers’ voice is heard, and maintain your online reputation.

Group Your Locations

Another problem that multi-location businesses are facing is making changes across their locations. The traditional way is dealing with each Google My Business listing at a time. But what about having one thousand locations?

One of the sparkling features of Locl is that it allows you to syndicate your several locations. Simply choose and group them. You can now make changes across your location groups. Made mistakes grouping? Check the “Ungroup” option. This feature saves you thousands of hours and dollars on listing updates, reviews, photos and posts upload, etc.

While it all boils down to transforming the way you operate, driving multi-location performance comes with challenges, especially in today’s digital transformation context. Locl saves your time, effort, and dollars in managing your several locations and boosts your overall performance. It’s fast, intelligent, and efficient. Try it out today!

Using Locl makes it easier for business owners and marketers to focus on what drives multi-location performance. Get started for FREE with Locl’s Basics. It takes just a few minutes. No credit card required!