Locl Helps You See What’s Been Hiding in Plain Sight

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Customer insights are considered one of the most important things in business. Only when you know and understand how customers think and what their activities are can you become successful. To take advantage of this and comprehend the importance of customer insights, read on; Locl is here to help.

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  2. Missed Opportunities
  3. Google Business Statistic
  4. How Can Locl Help You?

Customer Insights – The Key to Your Future Success

What Is Customer Insights?

To put it simply, customer insights refer to having deep knowledge and understanding your customers/consumers, including their needs, their behaviors, and even their preferences.

By analyzing your customers’ rich data, such as the demographics, purchasing habits, browsing history, returns, and campaign response patterns, you can create a mutually beneficial relationship. Consistently providing them with added value and engaging them in a highly personalized approach will strengthen the bond between you and your customers, contributing to loyalty and great long-term relationships.

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Missed Opportunities

Many businesses tend to skip out on Google and what it has to offer because they have their hands tied with running the business and creating value. That’s a critical mistake; this information will help you rise above your competitors.

Google Business Statistic

Team of businessman working on analytical data | Locl Helps You See What’s Been Hiding in Plain Sight

This valuable data can be easily accessed for all online businesses through Google My Business (GMB). However, all of it is going to waste if you’re not able to analyze and convert the numbers into potential customers. Also, lacking the ability to process the data, you will not only be wasting your time but also your resources which can be efficiently used for working on something else such as expanding your company instead.

However, GMB is not very user-friendly for the majority of business owners because it requires having a certain level of knowledge and understanding to use the data. Even when they know how to take advantage of GMB, they tend to invest too much time on other aspects instead of focusing on Google Map Listing.

How Can Locl Help You?

Time is precious, especially for small businesses and businesses that are running a multi-location business. What you might not know is that when users go online and search in the criteria for a sure thing, for example, when you search for “coffee shop” instead of big names like Starbucks, Google will show you local smaller businesses giving them a fighting chance in this harsh environment.

GMB provides you with insights on your business, including how people find you, people who find you through certain categories, products, and services, all of which are handy. However, the problem is that GMB only gives you 90 days of history, meaning anything that happens before that won’t show up or be accessible. Therefore, you can’t see seasonality or year-over-year comparison.

But, those statistical comparisons are actually what you need to make smart and data-driven decisions for your business.

Locl can help you better understand what the statistics are telling you, and you can convert those numbers into actual revenue. Thanks to the user-friendly interface with detailed descriptions for every feature, you will be able to work your way through everything relating to your business, including customer insights.

By suggesting what you should do with your business with features that save countless hours of your time while driving both online and offline results. Furthermore, based on the customer insights, Locl gives you the accessibility to compare seasonal, yearly progress while showing how, when and what you should be doing to help your business thrive with Locl analytics.

Locl helps you trim things down, making them easier to understand and work with, while you can put all your time and effort into pushing out new ideas and business plans to help your business grow bigger and better.

Have you been using customer insights to plan your business? How did it go? Let us know in the comments section below! 

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