Locl Features and Benefits

Expertise, practical advice, professional and timely services, and many more. Get everything you need to run Google My Business like a pro with Locl.

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In this article:

  1. Smart To-Dos 
  2. 18+ Months of Data Storage
  3. Customer Reviews Center
  4. Custom Location Grouping 
  5. Amenities and Settings Lock
  6. Photos Manager and Smart Scheduling 
  7. Optional Add-ons

Run Google My Business Like A Pro with Locl:

Smart To-Dos

If you’ve been struggling to figure out the next step to take, it’s time to be more intuitive with your decisions.

Locl tells you the next decision for the best digital performance. Whether it is optimizing your listing, posting on Google, or responding to reviews, the next smart move will be presented to you promptly.

No need to worry. Turn on your notifications and follow the recommendations.

18+ Months of Data Storage

Locl gives out its generous 18-month data history compared to only 90 days of data history with the Google My Business suite.

With better insights and a more comprehensive view of the data at hand, you’re ahead of the game. As a marketer or multi-location business owner, you can’t hope for anything better!

Customer Reviews Center

happy-woman-using-laptop | 7 Locl Features and Benefits

Managing reviews via Google My Business is crushing many multi-location businesses. It’s an endless task, but customers don’t feel satisfied after all.

Think of Locl like an upgrade, a premium version of Google My Business. The tool tackles all the challenges and brings the unrivaled experience of managing reviews:

  • It cuts down the time at least by half
  • You can quickly look at and reply to all the new and unanswered reviews

The result? Your customers’ voice is heard, and your brand becomes word-of-mouth in the digital space.

Custom Location Grouping

One of the biggest setbacks of Google My Business is that users can only manage one listing at a time. This hinders multi-pin businesses from making adjustments to their vast numbers of locations. More often than not, it means extra hours and extra people.

Using Locl’s Custom Location Grouping, you will enjoy the privilege of managing your different locations all at once. Select the location(s) and apply changes simultaneously and instantaneously.

Amenities and Settings Lock

Some Google Amenities and Attributes rely on input from the public – your fate is, in certain times, all in your customers’ hands.

But you can turn things around with Locl. Change and update your Amenities/Attributes, then switch the Lock Attributes button. Your listing is now protected from undesirable changes for good.

Never thought you could do this, didn’t you?

Photos Manager and Smart Scheduling

Photography-Concept | 7 Locl Features and Benefits

Regular Google posting gets your audience engaged and informs them about your activeness.

However, if you’re tired of adjusting your photos’ sizes and orientation every time you want to post something, why not leave it up to an innovative tool like Locl. It automatically modifies your images to be Google-friendly, pulls photos directly from your social media accounts, and uploads them to your listing in set schedules.

The feeling of unproductivity won’t hit you anymore, and best of all, you have more time for other critical business decisions.

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Optional Add-ons

There are three Locl’s options to choose from: Basics, Premium, and Locl-managed. All are tailored to best fit your business & the number of locations you manage. Other add-ons include:

  • Priority Support
  • Expert Support
  • Performance Sprints
  • Location Organization
  • Beta Access to New Features

Locl is a location-performance software specifically designed to equip multi-location businesses with performance-driving features and practical recommendations to tackle the dynamics of digital marketing! Try it out today for FREE! (no credit card required)

Interested in Locl’s Premium and more? Visit LOCL and leave your contact details. We will get back to you!