Why A Simple Call To Action Can Drive Your Business To Success

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Whether you want a rockstar local presence or you’re looking for a game-changer, a simple call to action can bring a real difference to your business growth. Here’s why calls to action play an indispensable role in driving businesses to success.

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In this article:

  1. What Is A Call To Action?
  2. It’s a Conversion Tool
  3. What Makes Up A Perfect Call to Action
  4. Add a CTA in Every Google Post

Call To Action – Indispensable Part of Every Google Post:

What Is A Call To Action?

In marketing, a call to action (CTA) refers to a piece of content that typically takes the form of an imperative sentence that instructs or directs the web users through action verbs such as buy, register, download, sign up, etc. CTAs can be an image with copy, even a single line of text, or a button.

It’s a Conversion Tool

A call to action serves conversion purposes – it leads customers to the next step in their customer journey. Depending on your intention, CTAs will correspond to that next step you want customers to embark on.

For example, if you want to grow your email list, you may craft a CTA like “Sign up to our newsletter.” If you intend to promote a special offer, your CTA can go “Claim your discount here.” Or you want to give out free content, “Download this guideline for FREE” is an option.

As stated in the previous blog, everything we do, from branding to touchpoint engagement, is to convert potential customers into paying customers. CTAs are the ultimate tool that helps you to achieve that purpose – they are the bricks that constitute your sales cycle.

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What Makes Up A Perfect Call to Action

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Our mind is wired to prominent CTAs. However, it doesn’t guarantee that we’re ready to follow instructions from those CTAs. Yes, what your CTAs try to tell is as equally important as where you place it on your page.

Crafting effective CTAs is an art itself, and fortunately, you can be a CTA master with some proven techniques. A perfect CTA is a mix of different elements:

  • Striking Design. CTAs shouldn’t blend in with the rest of your page. Mix and match elements such as fonts or brand colors and create an attention-grabbing call to action.
  • Actionable Copy. Utilize actionable, enticing verbs like register, sign up, download, or claim your offer. Browse leading brands for reference and let your inner copywriter emerge.
  • A Promise. The copy should clearly inform customers what’s waiting for them after the clicks. Is it signing up for a monthly newsletter? Redirect to complete the order? Make it clear, informative, and concise.
  • Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO). Is it a limited offer? Will it expire soon? Only 3 items left? A sense of urgency in your CTAs will prompt customers to act now rather than hang on to their decision.

Ultimately, it all boils down to value. When you ensure your CTAs provide values, potential customers will feel the same way and willingly move on to the next stage.

Pro tip: Map out a logical path to ensure your CTAs work. Align CTAs with specific stages in the sales cycle to make relevant offers. For instance, you may not promote a full-year premium subscription to a new visitor because there’s nothing decisive in their buying journey. In later stages, your CTAs should keep distractions to a bare minimum to increase conversion rates.

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Add a CTA in Every Google Post

Google Posts not only allows businesses to share messages directly with their customers. They are indeed free advertising tools for conversions.

Every post with helpful content and strong CTAs will, besides guaranteeing your place in top searches on Google Search and Maps, increase the chances of conversions. Currently, CTAs in Google posts are limited to five options:

  • Buy
  • Sign Up
  • Reserve
  • Get Offer
  • Learn More

Nevertheless, these should be adequate for almost any need. If you find it hard to navigate through the Google My Business suite every time crafting your Google posts, check out Locl’s Google Post feature. This smartly designed tool helps you add CTAs to every Google post and schedule across locations for multi-pin businesses. Click here for more details.

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A call to action is critical to the sales cycle as it helps drive conversions and business growth. Locl is a tool designed to help you add relevant CTAs to every Google post to shine on local searches. Try it out today and feel the boost in your performance.

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