Google Maps is the New SEO!

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We use Google Maps to search for directions. Yet, this free tool can take your local SEO to the next level, too. Let’s learn why Google Maps is the new SEO and how Locl can help maximize Google Maps benefits!

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Leverage Google Maps Benefits With Locl:

Google Maps is The New SEO

As Google Maps is a navigation king (67% of people use Maps compared to only 12% of Waze), it owns a massive traffic source. This landslide advantage makes Google Maps your best friend when it comes to local SEO.

Not only does it help bolster your presence in local search results, but Google Maps benefits also turn your business into a local authority in your industry and the go-to place for local customers.

Win Local SEO On Google Maps

Here are some tactics to turn Google Maps into your local SEO booster:

Optimize your Maps Listing with Google My Business

GMB helps you update basic business info, including website address, email, phone number, physical address, attributes, categories, etc.

Embed Google Maps Links on Your Website

The links should include your location and directions by car, public transportation, or foot.

Regularly Push Out Engaging Content

Push out content like photos, videos, articles, etc., regularly. By doing this, you gain more credibility from Google. Also, try to answer the most searched queries when planning your content to have a chance of showing up more in search results.

Geotag Your Photos and Videos

Name your photos as “company name + location” or “keyword + location” before adding them to your Business profile or before uploading them. Geotags make images more “readable” in front of Google’s algorithm and more likely to win local search results.

Run Google Maps Ads

Your ads will appear before the organic results, and you will get instant traffic to your website. Use this strategy wisely because it sometimes can be a double-edged sword.

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Maximize Google Maps’ Potentials With Locl

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Managing Google Maps listings via the GMB suite can be a big challenge, especially for multi-pin businesses and chains with 1000+ locations. Fortunately, with tools like Locl, businesses can maximize the Google Maps benefits:

  • Easier GMB Navigation – updating your GMB profile, Photos, Hours, Special Holidays, Attributes, Categories, etc., within a few clicks.
  • Lock Attributes – Locked attributes help you avoid undesired adjustments to your listings and maintain your online reputation.
  • Transform Google posts into a social-media-style calendar – Use Locl’s social media connector to connect social media accounts and repost engaging content on Google.
  • Group or Ungroup locations – Make changes across locations. Manage your multi-pin businesses with ease.
  • Stronger Analytics – Get access to data in the last 18 months compared to just 90 days of the GMB suite.
  • Recommendations – All are nicely presented. Just click, drag, and drop.

The better you cultivate Google Maps benefits, the higher visibility, and the more leads and customers you get. While navigating Google My Business suite may be a challenge, robust tools like Locl help manage your Maps listing smarter and more efficiently. Take advantage of Google Maps – the new SEO, today!

Maximize Google Maps benefits with Locl today! Let us know how we can help! If you’re unsure, get started with Locl’s Basics for FREE; no credit card is required.