Convert Searches to Sales with LOCL’s Google Post Feature

Google Posts is a free advertising tool to convert searches to sales. Here’s why it’s critical to include a strong and compelling CTA in every Google post and how Locl’s Google Post feature can help you win the customer acquisition game in no time!

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In this article:

  1. CTAs Are the Bridge Between Searches and Sales! 
  2. CTAs That Work (and Don’t Work)
  3. Create Compelling CTAs With Locl

Convert Searches to Sales – From CTAs to Conversions

CTAs Are the Bridge Between Searches and Sales!

man-buying-coffee-with-card-at-coffee-shop-from-middle-aged-owner | Convert Searches to Sales with LOCL’s Google Post Feature

Google Posts allows businesses to share messages directly with their customers. As Google Posts will show up in the local results on Google Search and Maps, it is indeed a free advertising tool for conversions!

Besides types of posts and content, CTAs are also a critical part of Google Posts. From branding to touchpoint engagement, everything you do is to ensure potential customers would eventually become paying customers. And CTAs serve that conversion purpose – it guides prospects into your sales funnel!

So that’s how it works: a nice post on Google with a strong CTA helps you reach your ultimate goal – convert searches to sales. In other words, CTAs are the bridge between searches and sales!

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CTAs That Work (and Don’t Work)

So what is the magic spell that CTAs cast on customers?


Marketing efforts revolve around providing value. So does your CTA button: it should keep offering value. CTAs are the bridge between searches and sales, yet you cannot force people to cross that bridge unless they know what is waiting for them on the other side.

A good CTA is the one that brings value to the table. It tells what customers will receive; therefore, it offers value.

Here are a few things to keep in mind with your CTAs.


  • Correlate: There are different types of posts on Google. Make sure your CTAs strongly correlate with your type of post.
  • Appeal: Determine both what your users want and what they avoid. Address any potential problems and satisfy customers with your CTAs.
  • Stand out: No need for fancy backgrounds, but ensure your CTAs need to stand out. After all, it should match the overall aesthetic of your brand.
  • Guide: Make your CTAs action-driven and specific – “Sign-up for 2 free months” or “Download this SEO guideline.” Make CTAs what they’re about – act.


  • Bombard users with CTAs or spread them too thin. (Balance!)
  • Put a washed-out white CTA button on a white background.
  • Be too naive with “Download this” or “Check it out.”

Create Compelling CTAs With Locl

To upload Google Posts, many of us will go to Google My Business homepage. Yet, it’s time-consuming, least user-friendly, and honestly, a bad option for multi-location businesses, especially when they want to repost social content across their multiple locations.

Fortunately, you have another better alternative – the Locl’s Google Post feature. This tool helps you draft compelling Google posts from scratch and add strong, relevant CTAs at the end of every post. Moreover, Locl’s Social Media Connector can pull your five most recent posts on social media accounts directly to Locl’s post tool. You can edit, schedule, or repost your drafts faster and easier than ever.

Click here to learn how to use this amazing feature!

CTAs play an indispensable role in the customer journey. With a strong CTA, you get what you want – convert searches to sales. With Locl’s Google Post feature, you not only save countless hours drafting your Google posts and creating action-driven CTAs but also win more customers in no time. Try it out today!

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