Why Your Google Listing Is More Important Than Your Social Presence

cafe owner using computer | FEATURE | Why Your Google Listing Is More Important Than Your Social Presence

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites are kings these days. However, it’s doesn’t mean marketers should compromise Google listing optimization. Your good old Google listing is much more critical than social presence. Here’s why!

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  1. Your Google Listing Should Come First
  2. Leverage Your Google Listing Potentials With Locl

Why Prioritize Google Listing Over Social Presence?

Your Google Listing Should Come First

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With the rise of social media in the past decade, many marketers think they need to be “killing it” on social. But the reality is, your Google listing should be your priority, especially for brick-and-mortar businesses.

On the other hand, Google owns the search market. People are “googling” virtually everything, and half of those searches are local. If you own a local business with the highest star rating and great products/service, there’s no way you won’t show up in top results when people search for local businesses like yours.

As a result, an optimized listing has a clear advantage over social media in terms of traffic. It can give you a boost to show up in local SEO and help you become an authority in your local market. Social is essential, but you shouldn’t compromise your Google listing. And what’s more? It’s free!

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Leverage Your Google Listing Potentials With Locl

1 Keep It Up-to-Date and Relevant

Google listing is the front door of your business – it’s the first thing people see before they continue any further in the customer journey. Therefore, an up-to-date listing is something to keep in mind.

What to update:

  • Business Hours, Address, Phones
  • Holidays, Special Occasions
  • Relevant Attributes, Amenities
  • Covid Updates

2 Include Nice Photos and Videos

A women takes a photo | Why Your Google Listing Is More Important Than Your Social Presence

You can offer great services, but if your photos don’t do justice, your customers won’t show up in the first place.

Include graphics of what your store looks like in real life. High-quality pictures and videos can:

  • Grab the attention of potential customers
  • Reinforce your information/message
  • Make prospects trust and feel comfortable before they arrive.

3 Repost Social Content

Reuse social content on your Google posts to boost your local SEO with relevant keywords and content across platforms.

Turn your Google posts into a social-calendar style with Locl’s Social Media Connector. This tool can pull content directly from your connected social media accounts and repost to Google, saving time drafting your posts from scratch.

4 Claim Your Location(s)

An embedded map on your website makes it super user-friendly for website visitors to find your business and further improves your company’s local SEO.

Tips: Create a “zoomable” map so that people can enlarge and move. It helps them see how far from your local business to their approximate location.

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Nowadays, it’s easy for social media to outweigh the true importance of Google listing. Nevertheless, your listing should come first. Using Locl’s optimization suite reduces all the stress facing businesses when optimizing their listing. Get started with Locl and boost your performance today!

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