How To Use Locl’s Insights To See How People are Finding Your Google Listing

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How To Use Locl’s Insights To See How People are Finding Your Google Listing

When it comes to data-driven marketing, information is the key. People find businesses on Google Search and Maps, making Google hold over 70% of the search market share. Locl shows how using insights to figure out how people are finding your listing help determine your next marketing strategy.

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In this article:

  1. What is Google My Business Insights?
  2. Getting Started with GMB Insights 
  3. How to Interpret GMB Insights


What is Google My Business Insights?

Insights provide information about how users find your business on the web and what actions they take once they discover your listing. This information includes data about the searches, views, and actions from paid ads (Google Ads) and organic search results. 

Google My Business Insights gives you a peek of how your business listing performs in the local search. By identifying how people find your business, you can determine which marketing strategies would help gain more views and or website visits. 


Getting Started with GMB Insights 

Finding the Insights section of your GMB listing is quick and easy. To get access to GMB insights, first sign in to your Google My Business profile. Next, go to Google My Business and click on Insights. Here you can select whether or not you want to see one week, one month, or one-quarter of insights data.

Aside from the search methods and activity, you can also know what keywords people are using to find your listing on Search and Maps.

We recommend using these keywords when creating content on your map listings such as in posts, products, and your business description to cast a wider net. 

You can also check out Local’s step by step video guide on how to access your Google My Business insights here.

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How to Interpret GMB Insights

Sample Google My Business data chart | How To Use Locl's Insights To See How People are Finding Your Google Listing placard | How to Interpret GMB Insights

Once you get access to the insights, the next step is to make use of the data you have. This data will help you know what works and what does not. You can make the necessary adjustments to improve your business listing quality and rank higher on Google Search. Here are the following sections on Insights and how you can use them:


Using Insights to Figure Out How People are Finding Your Listing

The Search section of GMB Insights shows how many customers find your business and how. There are many types of searchers, but the most common are Direct Search and Discovery Search. 

Direct search refers to a query where a customer directly searches for your business name or address. Knowing how many people search for your business name will give you an idea about who already knows your business.

On the other hand, a Discovery Search is when a customer searches for a product, service, or category, and your listing appears on the search engine or map. Discovery search insight data can help you determine if you need to improve your local SEO to attract new customers. 


Search Queries: Keywords

Search queries show the keywords people are typing to find your business. Since November 2020, Google has moved Search Queries to Performance Reporting on Search. 

According to Google, you cannot directly manage the queries. But you can improve your local ranking on Google by updating your business with accurate information.

Where Customers Find Your Business on Google

This section reports how many users found you through Google Search or Google Maps. You can also view how many people found your listing on a specific product and day on both desktop and mobile devices. 


Customer Actions

This section shows customer behavior once they discover your business on Google. The graph will show website visits, direction requests, calls, and the number of photo views. 

You can use this information to improve on the specific customer actions, for instance, by boosting your website loading time and updating your map and phone number.  

Google My Business Insights is a relevant tool that provides accurate and useful data on your business. Using insights to figure out how people are finding your listing can help you determine your next move and better use your resources. 


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Keep your business relevant and updated. Here at Locl, we can help you manage your ads and listings on Google. We use Google My Business and Google Maps to help drive more customers into your door through a well-curated online presence, useful metrics, and intelligent recommendations.

Businesses can sign up for Locl for free with their Google My Business account, no credit card needed, and start using it right away. Click here to start. 

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